T.O.P. Podcast series: Phillip Stone (Smart bar, Chicago,US)

Phillip Stone is landing from Chicago to our rooms with his podcast for Tales of Psychofonia, an example of his taste and knowledge in music. He is sharing a great record selection with us via long, winding atmospheric house dj set.

Since his 15 years involved in the Midwsetern rave scene, he is now making a break from his actual tranquil family life with this 2 hours set spreading some groove.You will find him in the legendary Smart bar of Chicago as resident dj.


  • 1. Vakula ‘The Seance’ (Leleka)
    2. Dorisburg ‘Uncertainly’
    3. Aquarian Foundation ‘Dream Of The Red Chamber’ (Going Good)
    4. Dude Energy ‘Some Desire’ (Animals Dancing)
    5. Scott Grooves ‘808 Panther Version Dub Delay’
    6. Black Rascals ‘Blaze Theme Track’
    7. Andrade ‘Optimistic’ (Mixmode)
    8. Baaz ‘Your Wardrobe’ (Office)
    9. Melchior Productions Ltd. ‘Meditation 5’ (Perlon)
    10. Coffee Pot ‘Diagonal’ (Coffee Pot)
    11. Einzilkind ‘Unconditional Love’
    12. Barac ‘In Oglinda’
    13. John Jastszebski ‘Stretch’
    14. Melchior Productions ‘Out There’ (Perlon)
    15. Hashman Deejay ‘Sandfish’ (Future Times)
    16. Low Key ‘Try Me Baby’ (Dirty Daves Mix) Serious Grooves
    17. Ricardo Miranda ‘Altered Feel’ (Rawax)
    18. Crystal Maze ‘Orchedea Nera’
    19. Soulphiction ‘Ann Arbor’
    20. JTC ‘Escalator To Sorga’ (Bopside)
    21. Jack Jastszebski ‘Fevrier’ (Bass Culture)
    22. Jordan GCZ ‘Swingonoguitaro’ (Future Times)
    23. Levon Vincent ‘Launch Ramp To Tha Sky’ (Novel Sound)
    24. Jordan GCZ ‘Digitalis’ (Future Times)

    More about Phillip Stone:

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