Forthcoming release: Carlos Nilmmns & Friends EP (Paris Metro Music, FR)

Today on T.O.P. we bring a special tale. The forthcoming EP, Carlos Nilmmns &  Friends on Paris Metro Music . A complete idea of  the sound of this label , a concept dressed up with quality deep music with jazzy attitude.

We are extremely  happy to share with you  this promo sample of  the last  EP of Paris Metro Music under the title Carlos Nilmmns & friends. Carlos Nilmmns a scottish producer based in France  (aka Solab Bookings) is the man behind the label and this EP is coming with collaboration with some really good producers and the result…voila!

On Tales of Psychofonia Interviews section you will be able to read how Carlos describes this work sharing with us some beautiful and interesting details about himself as artist.

Eclectic groove wrapped with  erotic raw loops and of course 100% vinyl.

“What it is” is definitely the sexiest track of this EP, proper hardware sound, with smooth detroit touches by Carlos Nillmmns and Keter Darker.

“Out of the bounds” a tune  by Tom Joyce is a slow house tune with fading vocals accompanying a progressively uplifting  rhythm.

“Its because of Detroit”  makes you dance to a nostalgic classy sound and bringing memories of the old good house scene.

“Inner feelings” ( the original track by Aubrey on Ferox late 90s), a soulful track  with its repetitive percussions under a more melancholic mood gives an elegant touch to the record with its mesmerising piano pads.

“Green Water”  a remix to a tune that originally belongs to Tomi Chair a japanese Dj and producer.  The Glasgow tease remix by Carlos  is coming as a wave from the past leading us  to an eternal dance with its spacey synth pads.

“Amor Desamado” the absolute deep sensation and Carlos Nilmmns, we ask you directly: What’s happening with you? feelings mixed with  this quality sound and music were the words stop and letting the groove to speak. A complete work and the …summer is here.

Classy and cheeky at the same time  like  “able to find”..

We share on Tales of Psychofonia  one of the tracks  with the authorisation of the label, to give you a taste for the EP , released at the end of April 2015, on Paris Metro Music.

Thank you Paris Metro Music!

More about Paris Metro Music on:

copyrights: Paris Metro Music

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