T.O.P. Interview: Carlos Nilmmns aka Ross McMillan (FR)


TOP: First of all we would like to express our respect and support for your music production during many years on record labels such as Ornaments, Skylax and many others.A wide range of house, techno and ambient stuff always with quality as reflected on your last EP on Paris Metro Music. Well, how would you describe the result of this work and tell us few things about this collaboration.

C.N: Thank you for reaching out to me and for all those nice comments!

The “Carlos Nilmmns and Friends” project is a retrospect of some artists and labels who I have met along the Carlos Nilmmns production timeline. These are good people who have invited me into their world and music circles. These great people, over the years, have become dear friends to me. Come to think of it Aubrey’s original version of “Inner Feelings” was released on Ferox in the late 90s. This was a very special record for me. I remember listening to it on mixtapes going on road trips to illegal parties with friends. I never knew I would one day release my remix on limited vinyl or even have it on my label. It’s a bit like making a record with Davina and having Andrés remix it. These are artists who I have admired for a long long time.

2. Who is Carlos Nilmmns? And what about his friends?

Carlos Nilmmns is the project I started outside of my Solab band with Graham Wilson. I wanted to venture away from techno and explore other styles of music. Over the years, I have worked with and been remixed by many different artists across the dance music spectrum. I can’t really pick any particular artist but I love working with Niko Marks. He is a great artist based in Detroit, a true artist in the way he has mastered jazz music and soul. He has made records with Amp Fiddler, Mike Banks and also Eddie Fowkles. He has even played with Stevie Wonder! I also loved working with Davina Bussey – she is without a doubt the biggest artist I have worked with. She is very nice. Keter Darker has one of the best voices for my production. His writing skills and poetry is wonderful. He is honest in how he see’s the world and I want to share this with the world as much I can. Ka§par is another very talented guy, his DJ sets are amazing and he is like an oracle when it comes to music. Ian Elgey is more like my brother and I have shared some of the best musical experiences with him. We have made some great records together and has been a major influence in my music since the very beginning. I’ve played a few parties with Tom Joyce in Paris and he is the man who introduced me to my wife.

3. Where can we listen to your music? Any venues? Upcoming events?

My music is available everywhere! Best place to go for the latest news is hère :


All the major sites have my music uploaded. Most of the vinyl goes really quickly and the only place you can buy them now is discogs. Later this year I have more records coming on Circus Company and a few other labels that are yet to be revealed! Eventwise – I normally only play gigs that I get asked to play or invites through friends. I do enjoy playing in new cities and countries and meeting new people. I think for someone who has had many records released I should be out on the road more.

4.What would be the ideal place, situation and time of the day for you to make music? How do you perceive this creation?

My production styles are somewhat unpredictable. One day I could be writing jazz and the next I could be writing techno or even a classical piece. For me at least, I think environment, mood and time of day all come into play in the creative process. I used to write music at all times of the day. I would wake up and then start making music. But, as one gets older its better to to use time more efficiently – So its during the day from 9 till 3.   Im not a great fan of working with other people in the studio unless its one of my production partners. I much prefer to send parts and projects over the internet.

5.We always like to make this question, which record would you recommend as a proper tale of psychofonia?

Drexciya’s masterpiece – Under Sea Disturbances

Thank you Ross for this mini interview and our sincere support.


Tales of Psychofonia

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