Forthcoming releases: Rotkeller- Sublime EP (CH)- T.O.P. Competition

Rotkeller are coming from the cold Switzerland to warm our minds with their new EP both on luana and everest records.

The Sublime EP is another great skillfully crafted piece of edgy electronica. The pair know how to rock the darker side of the Swiss electronic music scene. The A side is straight down business the way Rotkeller know best! Walker starts as a dramatic stand out piece or bass music that some how refines itself as an upfront techno groove when the bass line steps into the next gear.

Sublime, which gave its name to the record, is more like a soundtrack of a suspense movie hiding surprising changes expressed by breaks and a district harmonica, unfolding the perfect audiovisual plot making us wait watch next with an epic end, the end of Sublime¡ dynamic loops like an industrial metamorphosis. Herr Vodmar – Call Of War from the previous EP is getting back with different faces and more remixes of it. Maybe the most upbeat tracks of the EP bringing the balance between darkness and light,adding to the dynamic contrast.

The Kelpe version chugs along nicely with twisted licks from the original and the fat analog bass while the Baumeister version gives you an end of set record to close a big night with.

Delete gets a face lift from their previous album,courtesy of Dave Eleanor, who elegantly controls the suspense of the boys gnarly hardware gear . Bitumer (Digitalis remix) rolls in some scattered jungle grooves with some warm vintage sci-fi undertones to stitch it all together.

This is a quality package and strictly limited release a dramatic bass music with hints of jungle and industrial attitudes. Strictly for lovers of the eccentric dark beauty in electronic music.

Listen and buy on:

T.O.P. TALE: We give for free to one of our TOP readers the unreleased yet Sublime EP. You just need to either like or comment the post about Sublime EP on Tales of Psychofonia blog or on our  facebook page and we will pick up a name out of the hat.  Saturday morning the winner will be announced. 

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