Janzon´s real techno stories – Twisted Dust EP (DE)

A raw bizarre techno tale is presented by Janzon  on Code is Law. This could be the kind of music  that welcomes you through a half opened door somewhere around Kreuzbeurg.

The A side with its  dramatic bassline- Twisted Dust– and is progressively aggressive beats- Thermal Arc–  is creating an rave industrial soundscape. Strictly german vibes with no mercy. Once you are on the floor the metamorphosis is coming.

The B side is  a weird marriage between a classic german  beat- Rove contact– and the more up to date sound with  heavy asymmetrical beats – Mary West-. A proper underground combination with all its aspects.

Janzon is not joking.  Pure, ritualistic techno for late hours wanderers, a mysterious and creative dialog between the music and its audience.

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