Record stores: Meditations, Kyoto, Japan

One of the treasures we discovered during our stay in  Kyoto was the Meditations record store.

Somewhere close to the Imperial Palace you will see the sign that leads you to the magic world of Meditations.

This is a unique space with exquisite minimal & ritualistic atmosphere something like ….meditation.


Spirituality comes together with good music,  a rich selection of tapes, local labels and world music. All genres from ethnic, jazz, experimental, abstract, noise, psychedelic to of house and techno.

It seems that nothing is random in this place, our beloved Japanese way!

Amazing service in a absolutely clean place with its little buddhist  corner transmiting tranquility for mindful and focused listening.

IMG_1556  IMG_1547 IMG_1558

Great decoration accompanied by  bizarre religious items, symbols and many stickers exposed on a big table in the middle of the store.


We discovered the Japanese label Flau and many local artists. We received good vibes, and energy from its owner.

With this post we say thank you for this spiritual and full of good music moment.

Highly recommended for freaks of avant guard sound and seekers of spirituality through music.

As we have been told this is one of the best record shops in Japan.

You will find Meditations at the following address:

〒602-0862 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward,
Demizucho, 253
春日ビル 3F

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