T.O.P. Podcast series: McBain (Belgium)

Tales of Psychofonia comes back with the podcast series. Today we present an authentic adventure made by McBain from Belgium.

It feels  like you step out of your house’s door without really expect anything. Then the best things are happening. the most exciting ones. These the few words I have to describe this podcast made for us.

Darkwave is coming with little oasis of psychedelic and ambient melodies,  chill out rhythms and a ethnic surprises in between.

From the darkness to a beautiful lullaby and sci fi electronic sound from another era.

Slow and fluid it keeps you always naturally stoned.

You can listen more of his music selection on his showcases for the online radio station. Stroom.tv.


Aidan baker & tim hecker -auditory spirits
Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Oil Tankers
mecanique vegetale – tv news
demdike stare – nothing but the night
Levens Signs – Sedes Sapientiae
max + mara – hands
Marcus – you’re playing with fire
Gripgevest & Kling – Polykrill
Grouper – Alien Observer
Libra – La Baia
Dean Blunt – 50 cent / Trident
Yan Tregger – Shamstar
Visible Cloaks – California Images
Mythos – Dedicated to Werner von Braun
Vashti Bunyan – If i were

picture by Monica Mogi

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