T.O.P. Podcast series: Loto Retina (FR)

Loto Retina soothes our souls with a podcast made for the hot days of summer.

An interesting combination of indie, lofi, experimental, ambient romantic soundscapes and retro melodies with crazy rock n roll surprises for terrace gatherings and colourful drinks with friends. Loto Retina  also features some of his beauties on this mix.

This set is a warm hug full of flowers, sweets and beautiful sunny smell.

Loto Retina is coming from France and he is working for the LoFi label Cindys Tapes.


Car Seat Headrest – My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
derby- four
James Edmonds – B1 A Film
loto retina – coeur d’alene
La Colisée – Enfer
Studenets – Finally Home
the hers – how night works on the world
Futuresport – Let U See Through
Andrew Thomas – one thousand pin holes in a black paper sky
filthy ingredients – smell like tears
l’eoscombou couti – at Manare’s
Tetsuo – Re:69er
mgkrp – your voice esko!!
ooaa – oo:oo
the hers – baby came out like good gear in the sun
conehead – 浮在… (float on…)
goonfish – LUV(from)RA
chambry – show.er
Telepathy News – Submarine
Deerhunter – Basement Scene
Radical Guts – Moon Worms
Ben Varian – kick over a trash can
loto retina – haarlem
Mark Aubert – I Love You

Picture credits: https://www.tumblr.com/search/teresa+espafador


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