T.O.P. Podcast series: Pablo Diskko (Synthetic, GR)

pablo diskko

PABLO DiSKKO is our today’s visitor. We met him opening the best parties and events in the city of Thessaloniki, north of Greece. His gigs include big events such as Reworks Festival, Plissken Festival, Thessaloniki Pride, In Edit Festival and Street Outdoors . In 2014 he joined the  Synthetic team and shared the booth with artists like Robert Hood, Steffi, DVS1, Kassem Mosse, Delano Smith, Makam, Moomin, Simoncino, Tim Sweeney, Echonomist, Severino, Snuffo, Vakula, Tama Sumo, Florian Kupfer, XDB & Helena Hauff. Together with Thomas Numan they have managed to breathe new life into Thessaloniki’s house and techno scene.  Synthetic (from the greek word σύνθεσις) is a combination of ideas… Ideas that can be developed at unique spaces according to Synthetics’ vision. Synthetic is a mobile party and their music policy is the top quality electronic music. You will find yourself dancing until the end at amazing venues, with a great ambience and the best djs and artists of the contemporary music scene. And we can reassure ,by experience, it is always like that. 100% quality spaces and music, a great marriage producing great feelings.

Currently, Pablo Diskko is based in Amsterdam. He  considers that the city is an  endless source of inspiration for electronic music and he would love to  take advantage of all the stimuli that can be offered to him. As per Pablo’s words “there are some plans on the table for 2016 that may include gigs but we can get in more details on that subject when everything is settled.” So keep an eye on him, he is coming with more tales..

His mixtape for T.O.P. is a proper party night out in 50 minutes. He starts with a few warm up tunes and then he carries on with some real floor bangers heating the night up making us sweating. Real acid vibes feeding the body with energy so to smash the dance floor. Raw, killer tunes preparing for an unforgettable night. Finally, he closes the set with some ambient melodies embracing us closing the story and bringing us smoothly back to reality.

***Synthetic will be celebrating its first year anniversary on Saturday the 12th of December 2015. A full year which has seen more than 30 ‘Synthetic’ events that have hosted 17 notable international artists and more than 20 locals at 6 different spaces/venues in Thessaloniki. Their ‘next stop’ is the Club of the historic Mylos multiplex. Their main guests will be the legendary Detroit techno and electro pioneer Juan Atkins and the synthesizer guru Legowelt, who will be playing of his nowadays selective live sets. Supporting acts on the night will be the Echonomist and the Synthetic resident DJs***.

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