T.O.P. Review:Voices From The Lake – Live At MAXXI (Editions Mego)

Voices from the Lake is Donato Dozzy. Voices that are always coming  back the right moment.

One more priceless album by a first class artist on the record  label Editions Mego.

Atmospheric  vibes like deep from the jungle where the music is everywhere, where people and nature speak the same language. This album is trying to connect us with this idea. Mindtrips with indigenous voices and audio hallucinations. Experimental techno, ambient synths and melodies, abstract patterns and elegance.

Music for deep  relaxation and meditative states. Nature and machines are getting together taking care of our minds. Live at Maxxi. We are  T.O.P.listing this record. A real gem.

Avalaible on: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/64200-emego209lp-voices-from-the-lake-live-at-maxxi

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