T.O.P. Reviews: James Place – Living On Suspicion (Umor Rex Records)

Time to start the year with an audio delight for the mind, Living on Suspicion is fantastic limited catch on Umor Rex.

Recorded from up high in the skyline of Manhattan James Place had quite a view and sense of space when sculpting this album.

You can hear through the album, the sense of trying to escape from the dark moody underbelly of the city yet having the compelling urge to dive back into the terrors that are hiding within.

Each piece had a great balance of being light with very well treated haunting sounds of the city, as if he is capturing forgotten souls floating amongst the maze concrete high-rising city concrete.  But through this hazy cloud, shining beacons of synth tones break through thanks to some cracking old hardware. A Casio SK-1,  an E-mu SP 1200 and the TR 606 no less!

There is a thick air of understated tension and drama in the opening tracks of “Another Mourning in America” and “High Rise (Rainier)

Then skewed playful happy textures tingle the mind emerge from ‘Overcast and burned” and the delightfully loopy “Lyra’s Grin” while “Simmered and Brewed” is broodingly euphoric!

Living on Superstition is Certainly a captivating tale for city minds wanting to listen to something more supernatural!

But on  www.umor-rex.org/ur077/

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