T.O.P. Podcast Series: IAKOVOS (GR)

Tales of Psychofonia welcomes its  first guest  for 2016.  IAKOVOS, is a  dj and producer from Thessaloniki, Greece. He is member of Deemonlover and Anopolis. Iakovos participated in RBMA back when it was in Toronto. Since then a long journey has started for him.

Having a rich selection of records, this set is just a little sample of what his music is really about. Currently based in Copenhagen, he is sending us some mind exalting  techno vibes. His contribution to the electronic scene of his city has been important and he is  associated to avant guard electronic sounds. His  mix for T.O.P.  is more than special as it is mainly consisted of his own music productions and it is reflecting his unique style.

You will enjoy techno at its own best moment, plenty of deep sensations, mind wandering for discerning listeners. Iakovos manages to elevate techno to what it really is.. His fine aesthetics in music along with his powerful  mixing is magnetising us gradually introducing us to a deep state of mind, creating mental adventures.

His music clear, steady, classy although creepy and dirty. Dubby moods and 90s space beats dropped at the right moment. Without realising you will find yourself overwhelmed by the groove and mesmerised by some wonderfully mystical dreamy pads. Both his selection and his mixing will never let you down.

Picture retrieved from:http://abduzeedo.com/

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