T.O.P. Interviews: Eomac (IE)

Ian McDonnel from Ireland is our today’s guest on Tales of Psychofonia.

We have known him as Eomac for the last few years. He is also part of the duo Lakker. His full potential as an artist is realised through his great releases on first class record labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Killekill and Code is Law to name a few.

We have been amazed by his last self released album 25122015 which is a unique album with bass vibes made for good soundsystems and discerning venues. Experimentalish attitude with melodic and mystical air. An LP that definitely shows the maturity of the artist and also his great skills, creating advanced and contemporary sounds.  Eomac is equally a skilful dj that knows how to get the crowd going and wonderful producer with excellent technique.

He  now speaks to Tales of Psychofonia about music, future releases and thoughts…We actually  can’t wait for his forthcoming release on Bedouin!

TOP: Hi Ian, what are you up to this time of year?

EOMAC: I’m writing new music, developing a new live show, listening to masters for upcoming releases, playing shows, planning new ventures…

TOP: By listening to your releases, we feel that each piece is a kind of a story with its unique style, although there is a kind of unity and connection among them. Is there a strong influence that guides you when making music, weather it be from external sources or studio equipment?

EOMAC: It’s not about equipment for me. I don’t think I’m too much influenced by the equipment I use, but I absolutely love what music technology allows me to do.

My main influence is other music, other forms of art, and sounds. I am really influenced by sounds themselves. Interesting sounds always spark other ideas for me.

TOP:  Considering all these radical changes we are facing right now worldwide , do you think there is a next top destination for electronic music? Which place could be the next ” Berlin” or “London” for you?

Somewhere outside Europe I think. An emerging scene in Latin America, the Midde East, Africa… somewhere there is life and freshness and less of an established ‘scene’, where musical ideas can be looser, fresher and freer…

TOP: Any forthcoming collaborations/ releases?

EOMAC: Yes! Quite a lot actually. There is a Lakker mini LP forthcoming. I have a solo album and preceeding 10″ single with Bedouin Records on the way too, which I am really excited about. And a new collaboration with producer / vocalist Laura Kilty called ‘noeverything’. An EP is due Feb 22nd on our Bandcamp page.

TOP: Which album of yours has been really challenging?

EOMAC: My forthcoming album for Bedouin. It took over a year to write and I went deep in terms of sound design and expression. I really let myself get lost in it and go wherever the music and sounds took me. It was quite challenging but super rewarding.

TOP: Which is your favourite venue to perform at? What is your dream stage to play at?

EOMAC: I don’t have a particular favourite, thought there have been some really memorable venues. Norberg festival in a giant old millhouse in Sweden, an old Roman abbatoir for Club2Club, a University festival in Coimbra where all the students dressed exactly like Harry Potter (JK Rowling actually modeled the Hogwarts uniforms on this particular university) – a bunch of little wizards losing their shit to techno. I’d love to play at Sonar. I remember going there years ago and telling myself one day I would play there.

TOP: What does inspire you most?

EOMAC: Honesty of intention and expression. Any piece of art is inspiring to me if I can feel it comes from a truthful honest place.

TOP: Is there any specific thing that really bothers you about the scene? 

EOMAC: A lack of honesty…

TOP: And one thing that you really love..?

EOMAC: When the vibe is right and I feel completely connected with the music, with myself and with everyone in the room. Totally in flow. It’s beautiful.

TOP: We would like you to share with us an album that you would recommend as a mind healer.. which one would that be?

EOMAC: Morton Feldman ‘Piano and String Quartet’. I heard this years ago, and afterwards a friend of mine described it as like having the inside of your brain completely washed and purified. That was exactly what it felt like.

TOP:  If one of your tracks was a scene from a movie, or even a picture, what would it be like?

Expansive, raw, wild, free.



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