T.O.P. Podcast Series: CATHY (NL)

Tonight’s Tale comes from Cathy who takes us on a voyage skipping between the fuzzy lines of house and techno. She says that the

“(music) style doesn’t matter, over all my sound can be described as deep, atmospheric and moody” which it certainly is!

Cathy’s interest in electronic music started from her fathers CD collection of synth music and grew from there with a desire to mix records once she discovered the delights of Techno.  Staring at humble beginnings with CDjs in small bar she was working at and gaining experience but yet was unfulfilled with this format, wanting to capture the imagination of crowds using vinyl only!

She stopped playing until a journey to the Techno mecca that is Berlin kindled her affair with collecting wax.

“I always had huge respect for Dj’s who played vinyl and for me that is what i truly aspired to”.

Only in last couple of years Cathy has been out on the 1s and 2s spinning wax with a well earned placement at her local Clubs, Effenaar and Arcade in Eindhoven where open minded crowds allow her to experiment and get in touch with her own sound.

This set is deep, evolving and full of tantalising melodies for the mind. Cathy effortlessly  threads it together together with a few jacking little numbers in-between. This is one to send the listener into their own personal trance coming out with new inspiration for their own selection!

Cathy is one to watch in the future, you can next see her play for DUST  at the Zig Zag  club in Weert.  Lets see how far 2016 will take her!



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