T.O.P. Interviews: Inner8 (Holotone)

Today’s guest is Daniele Antezza, a Berlin based electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio and Holotone label manager.

With this really special  interview, we are welcoming his Tetramorph EP a combination of experimental landscapes, distorted beats, fuzzy atmospheres and abstract psychedelia. Patterns, philosophy, ideas and a human vision more than anything is  behind this new EP on his Holotone. Great ideas lead to evolutionary music. Where the music as a tool of expression  goes back to its real roots connecting with the its social dimensions and is used as an organic expression of human nature. Inner8 is a very promising figure and we will be here to enjoy any new sounds and experiments he is about. We present you Daniele Antezza and a taste of his Tetramorph EP which will be released tomorrow, March 21st.

TOP: Hi Daniele, tell us a few things about your alias Inner8 and about the ideas and inspirations you had for the Tetramorph EP on your new label Holotone.        

D.A.: Inner8 comes from my fascination with looping and self-generating sounds, but it also reflects my philosophical view: In my opinion, we can observe ourselves as a whole of structures, which means we can observe the same structures from a subatomic level to a macro perspective. This is also similar to fractal geometry and it’s something which in my opinion shows how we as human beings are used to behave in a certain way and reproduce certain kind of structures and mechanisms within the society.Regarding my Tetramorph EP it comes from a philosophical topic I was thinking about one year ago, related to how cultural/artistic movements relate themselves within their social frameworks. To analyse that I separated 4 theoretical categories which I used to name the 4 tracks: Self Determination, Iteration, Consolidation and Aufhebung.

The name Tetramorph itself comes from the Christian iconography: I used it because I was looking for something that was precisely referring to 4 well defined categories/concepts, and the Tetramorph was just perfect for my purpose.

TOP: What’s the vision and purpose of your new imprint Holotone?  

D.A.: Holotone is the association of 2 words: “holo”, which comes from my interest with the Holographic Universe Principle (which briefly assumes that we could conceive our universe as a 4D video display made of subatomic pixels of information), and the English word “tone”.

The vision behind the label is not related at all to any specific musical genre, cause what I am looking for is the ability of an artist to break the boundaries of artistic languages. I want visionary approaches, and in my opinion the rule of an underground label should be to facilitate the circulation of true artistic techniques.

TOP: Can you explain how you seek for new sounds? What is the moment where you feel it is necessary for an artist to start experimenting with his/her works?

D.A.: As artist, the research of new sounds is an endless process, it’s actually strictly related with my personal life path as a human being. The new sounds I produce during my creative process reflect what I am, what I feel and what I have to express. I guess my creative flow will terminate only if I will have nothing to say, but I hope it will never happen.

I cannot generalize for other artists, because an artistic creation process is a very personal dimension. The only thing I can say is: “never be afraid to express your feelings and ideas, ever”.

TOP: There is an amazing collaboration between you and Koichi Shimizu on the Tetramorph EP. How come you decided to work together and what have you extract from this collaboration? 

D.A.: I got in touch with Koichi Shimizu a few months ago and he sent me his album “Otolary” released for his own label Revirth, which I found very beautiful because of its ability to express a complex sound design using a meaningful and elegant artistic language in an impeccable way. In that period I was at work on my Tetramorph EP, so I proposed Koichi to make a track together: he accepted and we were sharing our sounds via Internet until Aufhebung took form, fusing our aesthetics.

It has been a fruitful collaboration, because I really like Koichi’s approach and his sound compositions. He will be the author of the second Holotone EP and we shared the stage in Bangkok and Tokyo for the Holotone Asia Showcases during the last February, and we’ll soon repeat the experience in Europe.

TOP: You already have hosted your first Holotone showcase at the Kantine am Berghain in January. What kind of projects and performances can we expect from the labels events? Are there new dates coming up soon? 

D.A.: The performances I’m pushing during the Holotone Showcases are quite heterogeneous, from ambient music to techno, industrial, noise, and so on. What I try to create is a space where artists who share the same approach can freely express themselves. The Showcases organized so far (Berlin, Bangkok, Tokyo) went really well, so I’m working to organize some events in Europe and Berlin for June/July, to promote Koichi Shimizu’s forthcoming EP.There’s also a specific focus to the visuals: the residents are sYn and Cubert, but I’m sure we’ll collaborate soon also with other visual artists.

TOP: Can you describe one of the best moments you have experienced with the crowd while performing?

D.A.: There are actually many magic moments…The first one that comes to mind was at a festival close to Berlin, called “Freqs of Nature”, where I performed at the techno and experimental stages last year.It has been particular cause the crowd is very special and open minded, definitely a situation where I felt totally free to perform what I wanted to do.

TOP: Which album would you choose to heal the human mind?

D.A.: A good album to heal the human mind is definitely “Transfer”, by Øe/Fabio Perletta, released for Murmur Rec.

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