Raster Noton’s 20th Anniversary takes you closer inside their music

Rater Noton has been puting out ever forward thinking crisp productions now for 20 years going from strength to strengt and to celebrate they are in 2016 finding a new way to be immersed in their sound!

The White Circle is an installation that contains the crowd in a white glowing arch with up to 47 strategically placed speakers in a way to like the visual space to their musical concepts. The sound set up cam from ZKM sound dome and is used in such a way that by turning the speakers on and of in such a way to create that the listener had the chance to experience the sound rather than just listen to it.  All kinds of effects can then be created, from doppler to natural phasing.

The four main artists involves in painting these soundscapes will be Alva Noto, Byetone, Frank Bretschneider and Kangding Ray who have conjured new material contorted field recording for the occasion on this 4Dsoundsystem.

Catch their next performance in Berghain on the 28th of April  and if you miss that there will also be one in Sonar festival from June 16th, with other dates globally to be announced!


Exhibition opening of »white circle«, ZKM 2016 / © Photo: Béla Bende


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