T.O.P. Reviews: Mas-Géométrie Du Cœur EP (Modular Mind)

Mas is a French duo and they are presenting to us their first  EP project « Géométrie Du Cœur » ( Heart’s Geometry ) released on the young Modular Mind label.


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Inspired by French culture, Paris and its mysteries. French movies and radio podcasts their main inspiration.

“Géométrie Du Coeur”, is  a thirty-minutes soundtrack split into six different tracks.

A narrative project where you will  find  pieces from interviews of Serge Gainsbourg, movies by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaud also  texts written by the feminine half of Mas.

Dark noir aesthetics, like  the soundtrack of a bizarre surrealistic movie, experimentalish attitude, the perfect prologue for their forthcoming projects. An introduction to their world. A complete piece of art and more than just music. This EP is an audiovisual experience  triggering thoughts and emotions, a smooth progressive stimulant for the mind. 

Check more about here:  MAS

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