T.O.P Interviews: /beyond/ (Urban Legend, ES)

/beyond/ is Mora, a rising star from Barcelona. An artist with love for vintage and analog. He is spreading light through his dark sound, like a modern wizard of the synths. Melodies emerge, wherever you can discover light through darkness.

This is the fruit of his personal journey, through a melancholic musical abyss, through nowhere, through cosmic channels. Mora’s music is  his personal statement and life style. A dynamic combination of slow well-worked rhythms and pads accompanied by rebellious beats and lunatic voices. This is something like the introduction to Mora´s multidimensional performances. All presented through his last EP as /beyond/Now I see there´s light /beyond/ darkness , released on his imprint Urban Legend records.

Knowing Mora  personally, I can say that he is an artist who doesn’t simply make music but he is music himself and he manages to transmit his message using his magical instruments.

T.O.P.:Hi Mora, what is /beyond/.. tell us few things about this project

M.:Well, it all started during a gloomy period of personal crisis, with moments of many changes that made me break the rules and re-plan my life looking for different ways of being and expressing myself with freedom. Therefore, talking about /beyond/ is like talking about darkness or better said about the inner search of light. I can say that it is a very personal project linked to what happens to me and the fact that I have managed to find myself.

T.O.P.: We have already experienced /beyond/ in vinyl? how did this EP come up?

M.: The name of it is “Now I see light /beyond/ darkness” and it consists of 5 tracks which are more than 2 years old. I’ve always had an enormous interest to edit them although I had been going through a confusing period and the creation of these tracks has been a very interesting therapy for me. It was the moment where I had started being confident about what I was doing. Also I have managed to collaborate with people who are closest to me. I’ll take this chance to say thank you to my supreme photographer that you know, Teresa Espadafor, who captured that important period I was going through and she gave the image to my record. I also want to thank DDF studio for the mastering and Jorge Cumbre(Piss&laugh TV)for the art work. A work cooked with loads of love from our own record label Urban Legend.

T.O.P.: How do you find the electronic music of Barcelona ? What’s missing and what cool things are coming from the city?

M.: Barcelona is an amusing city with popular festivals and with international line ups almost every night. Although in my opinion, what it is really interesting and I would definitely recommend over the underground scene over here which consisted of local djs and artists. I do not really understand how these guys are not considered by the big promoters of the city…There are constantly new  labels coming up, more shops, more music and also more people involved in the scene but I suppose we still need time for everything to take hold, although this is a big conversation.

T.O.P.: What are your influences and your aspirations?

M.: I am coming from  Seville (Andalusia) the home of flamenco and Easter week, therefore I see a lot of melancholy in my music. I also notice influences of the minimalism of 70s, artists such as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre. Above all, I like  experimenting and I want to be a sort of punk while creating. Today, I am very much interested in tribal and ancient rhythms and instruments and I hope that you will soon be able to listen to what I have been working on for so long. 

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T.O.P.: Any upcoming events? Where could we listen to your music live?

M.: Well, the 12th of November I am performing at Mira festival. A new live act with audiovisuals cooked by Piss & Laugh TV in collaboration with Marta Barceló. It will be a tribute to Val del Omar who I consider one of the most advanced artists and he is also a fellow countryman. I feel very satisfied cause I will share the stage with one of my idols Esplendor Geométrico ,also with Death in Vegas, Alissando cortini, lakker and many other big names. Next Sunday on the 13th, I will be with my record label Urban legend in the Cercle nights together with  our guest Eomac, for his first time in Barcelona. Also on th 9th and 10th of December I will be djing for a special dark night in Bicefal festival. I will perform a 4 hours set on Friday and on Saturday as Live AV with Vessel and Samuel Kerridge, Cut Hands etc. A line-up that seems very promising, indeed.

T.O.P.:What type of hardware do you use to produce and which of them is your favourite one?

M.:The one that I really fancy is the Juno 60, we were born the same year and I believe we have the same type of soul but also my Gipson les Paul that I have been maintaining for more than 11 years and now so is already quite old. Recently I have bought a new Sherman filterbank that I use as base to transform audio and also for composition.

T.O.P.: Is there any awkward situation you have experienced at any of your live acts?

M.: I have been really impressed playing last Spring at Celobert, a festival where one of its stages was in a library. It was very special, the silence, the acoustics and the energy of the people that stop doing their stuff and started feeling comfortable following the mood. It was a very brilliant journey and very emotional for me and to be honest it is quite difficult  to explain to you what happen during the concert. I totally recommend to bring music to these kind of places.

T.O.P.: Which is your favourite album? One that could work as mind healer?

M.: Just to think about it I am getting goosebumps. LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO of CAMARON DE LA ISLA . A timeless record that I recommend to anyone. Thank you for your time!

T.O.P: Thank you Mora for this heartfelt interview!

credits to our lovely  photographer Teresa Espadafor, one of Mora’s sources of inspiration.

/ be y o n d / Mira Festival 2016 from Piss & Laugh TV on Vimeo.

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