T.O.P Podcast + Interview: Marguerite Records Alter D (IT)

Tales of Psychofonia travels to Italy and brings fresh Mediterranean air. We indulged into the magic of the beautifully dark world of Marguerite records, an upcoming and promising label that supports vinyl and promotes exquisite music of different genres.

Martinez and Alter D are the guys behind it and they are committed to quality,  they flirt with new sounds from experimental/ ambient to raw and mindful techno. We interviewed Luca Martinez and we are very pleased to present our 34th mix tailored by him under the alias Alter D. An hour of organic and noir mix, filled with ritualistic whispers from a forbidden landscape.

T.O.P. : What is Marguerite Records?

L.M.: Marguerite Records is a creation of the twisted and definitely deviant Davide and Luca’s minds, signed by evergreen records by Gene Hunt, Dj Damage, 3 chairs, Shinici, Robert Owens and experimental sounds. We are open-minded guys; we listen from house old school to noise.

Marguerite record is a home-made workshop of music where you can find downtempo, acid, raw house, lo-fi and modern techno.

From the beginning, we have strictly believed in cassette format with the hope of market’s raising.

Our flexibility is tested by the choice of Mixtape Series, an opportunity to show the real essence of artists we like, as a product of their music research without filters and hype conditions.

Mixtape by Filippo Zenna was supported by artist like Volcov. MRG001(tape) was sold out in three weeks, we have received full support from Willis Anne, Brassfoot and other good names of the European scene.

T.O.P.: How would you describe your sound and how is this represented through your releases?

L.M.: Marguerite Records wants to show the power of contemporary sounds. We have started from raw vibes but that’ s not all. Here in Italy, we made lo-fi before it becomes a hype musical product and just business. We don’t follow the Italian scene or a particular label from Europe. We just want to be honest to our concept of sound; a sound that takes inspiration from the past but it’s strictly connected to the future.

T.O.P.: Can you tell us few things about your last releases and what are you up to next?

L.M.: MRG002 was our first vinyl release and it was one of the best experience of our life. Except for mastering (shouts out for Marco Pellegrino) we did everything ourselves, including distribution!It was hard but incredible. This experience made me more confident within the vinyl world.

Now, we are ready to come back!! Out soon MRG003, another Various artist composed by five Italian talents, all good producers with other releases in their discography. We are so proud of this release!! We have just received some requests for Marguerite Records Showcase.

T.O.P.: Any influences?

L.M.: We are always focused on listening new stuff from different producers around the world. Fortunately, we have contact with many of the artists that are an inspiration for us. We are addicted to Trilogy Tapes, 1080p, Apron Records, L.I.E.S, Relative, LLM, Exotic Dance Records, Proibito Records, Lobster Theremin, Bank Records, Crème Organization, Pan, Dko Records, Brothers From Different Mothers, Noorden, Renascence, MMODEMM, Pinkman, Farbwechsel and Berceuse Heroique.

T.O.P: Do Italians do it better?How do you perceive the electronic music scene in your own cultural context? Things that you like and others that you don’t?

 L.M.: Basically we support artists that we appreciate as producers but also for their human values. Marguerite Records is a workshop, as I said before, for friends at first, but also for European talented people who want to be part of our family. An artist on Marguerite is not just a name but h  also part of the project and we also love to create connections out of Milan, where we are based.

I like cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Bristol, Paris, Lyon, Bruxelles because their people are always pleased to listen to new stuff and keep in touch with new crews. In Italy, it’s completely different, but it’s a long and sad story….

T.O.P.: Finally, we like to ask this; Which album would you recommend as a soul and mind healer?

L.M.: Moon B – Lifeworld (1080p). Thanks so much for the opportunity, guys!!

Alter D is co-founder of Marguerite Records with releases on Hardmoon, sub label of Wilson and Raw Culture. New stuff by him is coming soon, on a USA label with together with two big artists.An Italian guy, Alter D is the hot name of outsider electronic scene in Italy. He loves exploring new sounds and keeping an ear on the new vibes from the world. Alte D is well-known as a producer and very good selector with a huge musical background. He has been hosted by Rinse Fm, Radio Raheem, Intro-Spettiva Radio and excellent podcast series Mushi-shi Radio. He has also been chosen as selecta by the Attic Magazine. He played alongside Philou Louzolo, MGUN and he also did the warm up for the famous jazzman Gianluca Petrella. Currently, he is working on his first solo ep!

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Alter D

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