T.O.P. Interview: NWRMNTC (UK)

Her music breathes and evolves as a sentient being. Organic heavy beats, explorative melodies which show that Ana has great potential and a bright future in the scene. She takes the risk and she wins.

Ana Quiroga through her  NWRMNTC  project challenges the established electronic sound and dares to go beyond.

Ana is also half of the female electronic duo LCC, who have several releases on Editions Mego and play live at international events including Sonar Barcelona, Berlin Atonal and Barbican Centre. Following a residency in Iceland at Heima Art Residency during summer 2017, Ana is developing music, sound design and soundtracks for audiovisual and multimedia projects. Besides, she has been a special guest at NTS Radio (Fractal Meat) and Netil Radio. Today we are very happy to host Ana’s interview on Tales of Psychofonia,  just a couple of months before her performance at London’s Corsica Studios alongside Silent Servant, Kangding Ray and Broken English Club. Ana’s music is coming to mesmerize you, to tickle both your senses and mind, to drag you to the deepest levels of her unique world.

T.O.P.: What defines NWRMNTC? Does it express a specific style or is it a multifaceted project? 

NWRMNTC: NWRMNTC started as a project to explore music as a solo, parallel to my work as half of LCC. In the beginning, I started making sessions and live mixes, seeking new electronic soundscapes evoking cinema scenes and future worlds. The project is really open to navigate among different styles around the main topic that is storytelling through emotional landscapes. Currently, I’m working on my new album or ep which is at the beginning of the creative process after spending two months in Iceland making an artistic residency in collaboration with Estela Oliva.

T.O.P.: What are your influences and how did your journey into the electronic sound start?

NWRMNTC: My musical influences come more from alternative rock and pop music. Especially, bands which mixed it with electronics and using a lot of synths, like NIN, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Air… Slowly, post-teenager I started to discover electronic music beyond dance and mainstream. Electroclash, ambient, industrial, dub techno… And the trip started until today!

T.O.P.: How do you perceive the contemporary music and especially in the UK where you are based?

NWRMNTC: Totally fascinating! I’m so happy to be here. Every day, I discover something new. I love the huge natural mix of styles you can find in UK, especially in London. There are so many people making amazing new things, clubs, parties, radio programs, talks… I’m trying to absorb and enjoy everything, even things a priori I wouldn’t say are my type and then I discover then super positive to continue learning and growing.

T.O.P.:  What are your top five records this year?


Arca – Arca (XL Recordings)
Pan Daijing – Lack (PAN)
Machine Woman – When Lobster Comes Home (Technicolour)
Akkord – RCVR / XMTR (Houndstooth)
The Trascendence Orchestra – Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals (Editions Mego)

T.O.P.:  Apart from your solo project, you are the other half of the female duo  LCC. You also produce music and you turn it into an audiovisual experience. Are there any new projects or upcoming collaborations?

NWRMNTC: Yes, apart of NWRMTNC and LCC, I’m also working in sound design with Clon Studio. We’ve launched reacently a concept film and now we’re working in a VR experience which we will present at Nocturnal City, next 27th of January at Somerset House Studios, London.

T.O.P.: Ana, you have a wicked upcoming gig alongside magnificent artists such as Kangding Ray and Silent Servant at Corsica Studios. How does it feel being part of this unique event at one of the top clubs in London?

NWRMNTC: feel glad and happy to be part of this amazing night. I want to say thanks to Billy Allen who invited me and always has been supporting my work. Getting ready to play different soundscapes from dark ambient to techno in a 3h set!


T.O.P.: Is there any dream you have regarding your art/music and you want to share with us? (We might bring you good luck)

NWRMNTC: One of the biggest dreams I’ve done it already and I feel so lucky! I always dreamed to have a band or a musical project and play around the world. I really enjoy to play live, makes me feel alive and excited. I feel really proud what we’ve done with LCC. We started from nothing, we didn’t have musical studies and we are from Spain, a not particullary easy country for this kind of music. We have played in some venues and festivals we really admire as Berlin Atonal and Sónar and released in Editions Mego, a label we really respetc and we feel grateful to have had this opportunity. Now I dream to be able to continue this adventure also with NWRMTNC and enjoying life and music.

T.O.P.: Finally, what is the deepest favourite record of yours, one that you think it could heal the mind?

NWRMNTC: No doubts which one is one of my favourites, an essential but not too sure if it could heal the mind of everybody because it’s a bit tricky but for me it’s an amazing trip to different states of mind: Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral.

More about Ana on: www.anaquiroga.net

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