T.O.P. Interview: MEAT Recordings

T.O.P. has always been supported people with strong attitude around music and life. When these two things are combined miracles can happen. For that reason, T.O.P. travels to Austria to meet Matt Mor, Gerald VDH and Specific Objects, the guys behind Meat Recordings.

Passionate about techno and  dedicated to their MEAT Market parties in the city of Vienna, they dare the next step by creating their own record label. Their bizarre, raw and provoking aesthetics and non conventional attitude are ready to shake both dancefloors and our minds. They talked to us about their releases, the scene and the strong political and social meaning behind anything they do.


T.O.P. Guys who are you and why MEAT?

MEAT: MEAT Recordings is the next step n the history of MEAT MARKET, which is a gay, queer and mixed party taking place in Vienna. We decided to call theh label MEAT recordings instead of MEAT MARKET  Recordings, because it sounds and looks much better. If you ever come to one of our gigs in Vienna,you will learn WHY our parties are called MEAT MARKET. It has to do with the raw lust and sexuality we promote during our events.

T.O.P.: Is there any common idea behind your releases?

MEAT: Even though our artists all sound very different, I think our music has a lot in common. We want to release music that can be played in clubs. Our focus in on the dancefloors of the world. Also we will stick to techno for the foreseable future of our label. We all love house music and we know amazing house producers that we would like to support. But, should we decide to release house, we will find a new name for that project.

T.O.P. We love your aesthetics as they are depicted through your videoclips (for example CAKE) and the artworks of them. Is there any specific/critique behind them?

MEAT: We believe techno, music,arts etc are by nature political. So yes, there is a lot of message in our visual work. We promote a life without fascism,racism, sexism and homophobia. We believe in personal freedom and are pro-sex. I think these things are also reflected on all of our work.

T.O.P. Are you planning any events for the close future?

MEAT: We have lots of parties coming up in Vienna. Some of our artists are also touring a lot. Just follow us on facebook, and we will keep you posted.

T.O.P.: How would you describe the techno scene nowadays?

MEAT: The world techno is so big these days. There are so many techno artists but very few share the same ideas that we have. We think that we need to accept that using the world “techno””is a bit like using the world “music”. For us techno is something completely different than to many other people. And that is ok. From our perspective, techno is a very non-commercial and underground thing that takes place in dark and dirty clubs, with hardcore ravers, that know the music very well an live for this kind of music and culture. We don’t judge people who have a different approach towards techno, but we don’t feel we want to work with them either. Or speak to them.Or like what they do.

T.O.P.: Is there any record you would suggest as mind healer?

MEAT: We subscribe to the idea that any old Surgeon or Luke Slater record can save souls

More on MEAT Recordings:




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