T.O.P Podcast series: Resonant Coil (IT)

Our 38th podcast is a precious mix made by Resonant Coil (Retina.it) an Italian artist  with a very refined taste in music.

This mix is an elegant blend of high quality ambient, experimental and noise sounds. You will experience high quality cinematographic soundscapes mixed with hazy atmospheres, which will impress even the most demanding listener. Big room electronic music and insightful vibes for those who seek emotions and intense experiences through music.
Resonant Coil is the moniker of Nicola Buono, who started his dj career in the 90’s but he later decided to dedicate his interests to live music and production. Co-founder of Retina.it together with Lino monaco, he has been active since 2000 with several live shows in different festivals (Sonar, Boom, Neapolis etc) and he has also released with labels such as Hefty Records, Semantica, Substrato, Glacial Movements, Flatemate,etc. Nicola has shared many other projects with Lino Monaco, The Ne-21 (Domestica Rec.2013 , She Lost Control 2017) R2p (Midgard Rec. 2017, with PRG/M and Ruigh) Brood (Hefty Records 2008 with John Hughes) Resina (Mousikelab 2003, with Marco Messina) Qmen (Design music 1997, Primate Rec. 1998, Conform Rec. 1999, with Rino Cerrone. DIY lover. He builds up his own acoustic and electronic instruments, such as modular synth, noise box, efx. He prefers darker sounds, floating between dub, evocative ethnic music, with some noise and industrial elements.

Some of his remarkable collaborations are:
Störung Festival Ensemble, Celen (student ensemble of music accademy “Cimarosa” Avellino (IT) with whom HD gave birth to a perfomance based on the music of Carlo Gesualdo and Pierre Schaffer. more collaborations : Svreca, Donato Dozzy, Gianluca Becuzzi, Red Sector A, Dadub, Giorgio li Calzi, and more…).

Heidseck – Lake
Constantine – Divide
Francisco Lopez – ‘Sonic Seeds’ (Subsidence Collective mutation)
Mika Vainio – Muisto Palaa Selittämättömästi = A Memory Returning
Belief Defect- No Hope No Fear
Kotra – Magicicada Cycle Opened
Resonant Coil – Pragmatic Mouse
Matter – Exsolution
Retina.it/Plaster – Sybilla
vÄäristymä – Vieras
Yves de Mey – Mika
Sturqen – Metrologia
Plaster – Blade
Max Durante – Can’t Rain Every Day
Robert Rich – Spectre of Lost Light

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