T.O.P Interview: Antonio Marini aka Healing Force Project (IT)

Healing Force Project is the dynamic alias of Antonio Marini, an Italian dexterous producer with astounding releases on labels such as Bedouin, Berceuse Heroique, Wicked Bass, On Board Music, Acido, Sequencias, Eerie, Eclipse Musica and Firecracker.His refined, well-made sound and his jazzy, experimentalist finesse gives us first-rate tunes. A serious, knowledgeable and low-profile musician with an admirable attitude.  We are very pleased to host this interview on our Tales of Psychofonia.

T.O.P.: What is your Healing Force and who is Antonio Marini?

AM: Antonio Marini is a guy with  passion for music and he has been playing records for about twenty years now and this is my personal “Healing Force”. But, of course it’s too  simple just to say this. So, yes I am  a simple person who lives in an Italian small town in the province of Veneto. In fact it’s difficult to share certain things in certain areas. There are not many clubs and most of them have a business philosophy. The moniker “Healing Force Project” was born from my personal listening and from a personal inspiration till today. I’ve changed a lot of monikers in the past, but everything was mainly set up on djing art, this last name it completes me.


T.O.P.: Your last EP Visual Alterity an ambient gem with jazzy attitude had a major impact on us since the very first listening. Are there any specific influences which led to this very deep and sophisticated sound?


AM: “Visual Alterity” released on Board Music (label based in Barcelona),was conceived as a kind of variety of sounds. You can listen to  ambient soundscapes with jazzy attitude as first thing, but you can also find  lots of references about I.D.M.  (especially in the 90’s), or  dance floor structure in “Alternative Currents”, to finish off with a  more percussive part with African matrices in “Abduction”. I’m very happy about the way it was produced, thanks to the contribution of Laura Le Marchand (label’s owner), of course. There was a good feeling in building everything in perfect harmony. Some of my  influences  are: Psychick warriors ov Gaia, The I.D.M period (90/95), Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient), Break Beat and some drum’n bass sounds (L.T.J. Bukem) and also Omar S’s music. I have also been “influenced” by many rhythmical sounds and all this for the last twenty years of my life. The trip-hop Period (Always in the 90’s, of course) has been a big influence,  with labels such as Ninja Tune, Cup Of Tea, Dorado, Warp. Jazz and jazz-rock period have been big influence ,too. Artists like : Harbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Lonnie Liston Smith, Dave Holland and many others…Clearly, I can’t compare myself to these sacred “monsters” I am only  talking about simple sound contamination.

T.O.P.:What gear do you usually use for your music production? Any particular piece of equipment you are obsessed with and why?

AM: One thing that can not miss is computer, which I need to manage external devices. Obviously, I have got a small external expander,for example, the pads. I’m not obsessed, but pleasantly inside certain structures and I’m always glad to share what I do with others, especially in the digital platforms. My favourite synthesizers that I’ve used until now are the “Little Phatty”  MiniMoog and the Korg Ms 10.

Healing Force Project@Spazio Aereo

T.O.P.:Any forthcoming plans/ collaborations/ events?


AM: At the moment I haven’t any  plans or future projects. But, for me it’s not a problem because I can manage my things better and I can do my tracks  absolutely calm. So,there will be something coming up, but it’s too early to talk about it right now( I am a little bit superstitious too…:/)

T.O.P.: Since you have started your journey into the music production, have there been any significant changes or realisations?

AM: I’ve started around fifteen years ago at the home of a musician. It was difficult not knowing how to play (I hadn’t studied music) and so it was difficult to generate the first ideas to do something. First,  I’ve learned how to edit and the sampling art and then I have started searching my personal style in order to  create projects and sounds. Step by step, I’ve refined my technique and still today I try to improve myself.

It’s always a “battle”. Sometimes I”win”, sometimes I “lose”, but it’s always a personal challenge to create a track from nothing.


T.O.P.: Which tune  would you suggest as a mind healer ?

AM: There are too many tunes that can be  a mind healer. One that  I’ve in mind is: Miles Davis “Agharta”.