T.O.P. Reviews: Gens LP-Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)

Listening to this album the words vanish and the power of the music overtakes them. Cinematographic idyllic waves in a post-techno era.
A retrospective exploration of modern electronic sound without limits. Answer Code Request, real name Patrick Gräser, Berghain’s resident, is a pioneer of the scene who keeps evolving as a powerful but steady avalanche. Berlinesque broken beats and melodies at their best. A break from the monotonous 4/4 techno, a lulling storytelling when the nights is dark and our minds bright. What is noteworthy about Gens is that manages an astounding balance between contemporary exquisite sound and retro 90’s -inspired rave vibes. Marked as TOP  favourite. Released in February on Ostgut Ton.

The stops of the journey are:


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