T.O.P. Reviews: Forthcoming/EOMAC- Reconnect (Eotrax, 001)


Eomac is coming back with a brand new album. Ian Mc Donnell appears to be  an endless source of creativity and inspiration. This time he releases on his own label Eotrax the album Reconnect.

Each track is  a statement against the fast impersonal rhythms we pray for and  against the consumerism which governs us. Each track is a spiritual  exorcism of the subordination of our own intuition to the materialistic world we live in.  It is a desperate  cry for help, a prayer for  our salvation. The regression to our roots and the cathartic  ecstasy, deriving from this voodoo-like dance, will bring us closer to our lost human senses and insight. The sound is deep and  primitive flowing from  our collective subconscious, embraced by heavy beats, dressed up with animistic melodies. Eomac’s forthcoming release is the internal scream of our  nature:  RECONNECT with our own real self.

Release date: April 27th, 2018

The album contains the below tracks:

A1 Lower Your Gaze
A2 Ready To Die
A3 Language Has Failed Us
A4 Fall, Rise
A5 Other People’s Fears
A6 Resist All Dogma

B1 Cry Of The Planet
B2 Denounce Everything
B3 Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness
B4 Being, Not Object
B5 Earth And Sky