When Muses meet techno/ OUTIS label stories

Outis005-Digital-Artwork-300x300     Urania_Pio-Clementino_Inv293

(=nobody, ancient greek=οὔτις)

Even though OYTIS means nobody, we know the man hidden behind this label is Dino Sabatini a producer of dark mental techno.

His sound full of  paganistic  beats and perversions, dope tunes that can bring you to a mental ecstasis, dancing all along with the Greek Muses on an primal  techno rhythm. Wild and spiritual like a Dionisiac celebration.

We really liked the words of the artist that described in an ideal way the story behind the label:

“Feel inspired by this Greek character

OYTIΣ (=nobody, ancient greek=οὔτις) and this label is named after him.

Outis is my first personal Imprint, with which I am continuing my own musical approach I already explored through my

previous releases under both Dino Sabatini and Modern Heads names.

Evocative music. Hypnotic, dark, sensual music. A sonic representation of the sensations I like to be possessed by.

This is exactly how I love techno and electronic music to sound like, this is what I love to dance to.”

I can’t really find better words to describe his music. Just listen and activate the unique power of yours through this tremendous sound.

We distinguish the Outis 005 , Mnemosyne EP and this is exactly what we love,too.

When the mystery of the past is coming to meet the now with the shape of the three Goddesses daughters of Mnemosyne.



3. Urania

Be Invisible, be Nobody, be Outis…

Thank you Dino.

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