1977, For Those Who Know

1977 ep For those who know 2014

This time it didn´t take a lot of time to pick up a record for today´s post. A nice cup of tea at one of my favourite places in the cloudy city,the music on my headphones and this EP just came to caress my ears, giving the ideal atmosphere to this moment.

I am happy to  present one more EP by the a mysterious artist/s,1977, under the new  label For Those Who Know with an original deep attitude.

Strict, dubby cuts are coming with “Dab Dis” and  a mood like from a futuristic film noir can be experienced with ”Lud”.

Repetitive loops with a melancholic experimental touch with ”Gesen” and finally,

“Norman”, as the name of the EP, is the perfect start of a deep journey accompanied by a smoothly distorted bass.

A very nice and  complete work with great aesthetics.

You can listen and  buy on Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/artists/1977/

Enjoy one more tale…

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