Timeless Tales by Vakula- A Voyage to Arcturus LP (2015)

There are some albums that demand the very special moment to write about them. This happened with the LP A Voyage to Arcturus by Vakula, released this year on his own label Leleka. In the beginning,  it seemed that any words could be less to describe this album than the same feelings generated by its tracks.

A contemporary slow, mysterious and mature journey to the electronic spacey sound. A great example of the artist mature work. Maybe the best moment of his career. A broad spectrum of house, downtempo, experimental with mindful wanderings drawn by synths and vintage melodies.

A mental, well worked combination of different styles, acoustical treasures reminding you classic soul sounds with a psychedelic- ethnic touch.  A balance between future and past with great samples transmitting us to retro sci-fi movies and sensual mental adventures. An album that creates is own planet in our heads letting us escape there whenever we like.

All the above together becoming an endless  trip ending up a timeless piece of art. This is Vakula, a great artist with soul that is clearly reflected in his music.

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