T.O.P.records: SLAM-Machine Cut Noise (SOMA)/114LP

Glasgow’s finest Techno Exports keep the bar high. Slam are back with their SOMA LP 114 and they have pulled something special out the bag for this release in late October!

Wonderfully enchanting and specially immersive, they know how to take you deep in to their Techno realm which has been well cultivated and enjoyed by so many!


Machine Cut Noise takes its inspiration from the machines which surround us in everyday life, the pair having started composing these tracks on the road between many gigs around the world. Slam have put  all the right ingredients into a double vinyl album to power you through into the early hours whilst spinning eerie yarns, guided by some direct driving beats!

The start of the album finds room for more Dystopic sounds before Errerilt wandering into more hard edged sounds that dance floors love and yearn from the duo.

The second part of the Album Brings us to the catchy stomper  of Psalm bring the tension of Anagram then taking us down with shades of the future, buzzing with sombre chords.

Corridors delivers one more peak time burst before the duo close the album in a exceptionally refined way with Obstacle swirling round gustily blowing through some subtle digital bell tones then curving slowly downward leaving the ethereal soundscape of Fine.

The guys have now reached a landmark 25 years of quality output on Soma, and they are back again with a full size release taking us on a brooding techno journey for those of us who like to celebrate wonderfully crafted noises from the machine! The album will be released on the 28th of October.  For now heres a taste of their track series to wet your appetite!

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